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About A-Level Economics

Cambridge International AS and A Level Economics expand on the knowledge and abilities gained in Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent). includes a variety of core economic principles, such as an introduction to the pricing system and government involvement, international commerce and exchange rates, employment and inflation measurement, and the causes and effects of inflation. 

Students also learn about business theory, market failure, macroeconomic theory and policy, and economic growth and development.

Cambridge A-Level Economics examination is split between AS Level & A2 Level topics.


In this course, together with a private tutor, you will learn how to master the A-Level economics exam content. Your tutor will help you understand the relevant concepts and formulas while assessing your progress through practice exams. 

Unlike other A-Level economic courses, this course is a private one-on-one lesson. You will study at the perfect pace, as opposed to being limited by your peers. You can expect to be sufficiently challenged and constantly improving, rather than wasting time reviewing concepts you already know.

TigerCampus Japan provides A-Level economics Tutoring for both levels:
  • Cambridge International AS Level Economics (9708)
  • Cambridge International A2 Level Economics (9708)

What you will learn


Topics in syllabuses

AS Level Economics
Basic economic ideas & resource
  • Scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost
  • Positive and normative statements
  • Factors of production
  • Resource allocation in different economic systems and issues of transition
  • Production possibility curves
  • Money
  • Classification of goods and services
The price system and the microeconomy
  • Demand and supply curves
  • Price elasticity, income elasticity, and cross-elasticities of demand
  • Price elasticity of supply
  • Interaction of demand and supply
  • Market equilibrium and disequilibrium
  • Consumer and producer surplus
Government microeconomic intervention
  • Maximum and minimum prices
  • Taxes (direct and indirect)
  • Subsidies
  • Transfer payments
  • Direct provision of goods and services
  • Nationalisation and privatisation
The macroeconomy
  • Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply analysis
  • Inflation
  • Balance of payments
  • Exchange rates
  • The terms of trade
  • Principles of absolute and comparative advantage
  • Protectionism
Government macro intervention
  • Types of policy: fiscal, monetary, and supply-side policy
  • Policies to correct the balance of payments disequilibrium
  • Policies to correct inflation and deflation
A2 Level Economics
Basic economic ideas & resource
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Externalities and market failure
  • Social costs and benefits; cost-benefit analysis
The price system and the micro economy
  • Law of diminishing marginal utility
  • Indifference curves
  • Budget lines
  • Types of cost, revenue, and profit, short-run and long-run production
  • Different market structures
  • Growth and survival of firms
  • Differing objectives of a firm
Government microeconomic intervention
  • Policies to achieve efficient resource allocation & correct market failure
  • Equity and policies toward income and wealth redistribution
  • Labour market forces and government intervention:
    1. – Demand and supply of labour
    2. – Wage determination in perfect markets
    3. – Wage determination in imperfect markets
  • Government failure in microeconomic intervention
The macro economy
  • Economic growth, economic development and sustainability
  • National Income statistics
  • Classification of countries
  • Employment/unemployment
  • The circular flow of income
  • Money supply (theory)
  • Keynesian and Monetarist schools
  • The demand for money and interest rate determination
  • Policies towards developing economies; policies of trade and aid
Government macro intervention
  • Government macro policy aims
  • Inter-connectedness of problems
  • Effectiveness of policy options to meet all macroeconomic objectives


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